Here’s That Stuff about the New Ladybaby Single, Finally

I swear, The Idol Formerly Known as Ladybaby’s management has some kind of allergy to just doing Twitter normally and I sat and sat and waited for some kind of anything like a “hey, our third single is coming out and it’ll be lots of fun and you should buy it on this date!” tweet or Facebook announcement or anything, and the world straight passed me by and I guess this’ll have to do: Details! Viz Major also located the track:

Get to about 13:45 for the thing to start

Well, those of you who wanted them to ditch the “traditional” Ladybaby sound and the piped-in harsh male vocals etc. got your wish. It’s a nice song, but man, I could’ve stood for just getting a reinterpretation of the whole death pop thing; while I won’t sniff at idols doing punk rock songs, does the world really need another punky unit? That could’ve been on Alloy’s Soundcloud! Best of luck to them nonetheless.

They also released this trailer for their show on Sunday:

I can’t think of a witty riposte, so … Ladybaby!

3 thoughts on “Here’s That Stuff about the New Ladybaby Single, Finally

  1. It seems I’m fully back into single buying mode. ReiRie can sing the phonebook and I’d be willing to buy it as a single.

  2. I wasn’t so over the moon about this new punky direction. It’s really doesn’t break any new ground. It feels like the producer is playing it safe. What is Clearstone
    thinking? …or perhaps they are not thinking. I hoped they would go in more
    the direction they did with “Ladybaby Blue”. This new song doesn’t really
    make use of the unique voices the both girls have and the unit they make.
    There is so much potential in Rei and Rie and its not taken care of.

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