That Was Incredibly Fast: Mashiro Goes from DEEP GIRL to CY8ER without Breaking a Sweat

It took more time to unravel the sudden withdrawal of DEEP GIRL’s (now) former leader (and original Monday Match Game loser) than it did for her to suddenly reveal the real reason for her immediate not-even-a-graduation — because she was joining Rinahamu’s post-BPM15Q project, CY8ER.

Making her bare-faced debut:

Chilling with DJ younaP:

For real, this is a great move for Mashiro if she’s going to take the music side of idoling seriously. DEEP GIRL is perfectly acceptable (they should be doing much better than they are, but); Rinahamu is some sort of music-making machine, and her creative energy is the kind of thing that other aspiring musicians should aspire to. Mashiro gets to watch it happen, work with it, talk shop with an original BiS member … this is Act I of Hollywood movie (in this case, probably starring either the latest Disney product OR Selena Gomez because tickets must be sold).

This was all over the place yesterday. It even got submitted as a comment on the original post. You’ve probably already reacted. But man, right in line with that other thing I’d never seen happen before, I’ve never seen* an idol basically trade herself from one team to another; this beats all that BiS fantasy booking from over the summer. I’m basically obligated to do this, even just for archival purposes.

*This is really different from Mizuho’s situation re: BRGH and THE Natsu no Mamono; she had a planned graduation/retirement with all the requisite sayonaras, and was basically just trolling everybody all along. Mashiro went looking for another job, got the job, started doing the job, then told her old boss to peace out!

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  1. Mashiro performed masked at BPM15Q’s last official oneman on November 14th. This was the other activity she was talking about doing, that ended up with her leaving DEEP GIRL. She said she intended on doing both, but change in management. …

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