The Time Has Come for Candye Syrup’s First MV

And in things that came way out of left field this morning:

You guys remember the origin of Candye Syrup, the functional mega-yume-kawaii idol group, from Candye Syrup, the hair salon of the same name, right? Results; idols have them.

I am a little disappointed in my surprise, I guess is the way to put it. I expected … something, I don’t know, something less well-tread? I do want to give them credit for putting an actual by-god breakdown in there, complete with obligatory death grunt intro, and for giving Non more to do than just growl and stuff (she’s a really good singer!). I got a hard flashback to this Home Cafe number (and concept and stuff); I think it’s better than that.

However. Should I be worried that the song is titled after the group, the same way that a certain old project of Non’s thrust themselves into the scene a couple of years ago?

One thought on “The Time Has Come for Candye Syrup’s First MV

  1. I’m really digging this. The song and video are so well done that I’m willing to overlook any lack of innovation. As long as they continue to put out stuff at this quality level I’ll be on board I’d say. Hopefully the group sticks around longer than DEEP GIRL did anyway.

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