50 Greatest Alt-Idol MVs of All Time: #21 – 30

Welcome to the third installment of our countdown of the 50 best alt, indie, and underground idol MVs of all time as selected by the readers of Homicidols dot com. This week we are seeing some truly iconic classics including “I kill” and “MEGITSUNE” who were instrumental in establishing the genres of yami kawaii and kawaii metal respectively. We also see our most-nominated music video in, “Hallellujah.”

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Let’s Remember Some Idols! DEEP GIRL

The other day, when I was re-re-listening to Shiori’s banger of a comeback, I was too busy typing to catch the end of the video before it auto-played something else. And as dulcet tones poured from my computer speakers, I thought:


See, a lot of you guys are relative newcomers, and stuff that happened and was like immediately topical and relevant two years ago may as well be ancient history. Such is idol, in fact. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy some real past classics, idols who flickered into the world, crushed some damn skulls, and then were whisked from existence by the cruelties of fate and expiring contractual obligations.

You may be aware / have noticed that that I like to style the editorial here around how the old Gawker sites used to — a little irreverent, a little smart, a little snarky — and Deadspin happens to be my long-time favorite of the lot. They periodically do a feature called “Let’s Remember Some Guys”, which focuses on long-gone athletes who people really enjoyed for one reason or another.

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Stick a Fork in DEEP GIRL, They’re Done

In a bit of news that honestly shouldn’t surprise anybody, even though it’s perfectly acceptable to be a little sad about it, formerly Potentially the Coolest Thing in Idol and No for Real I’m Still Shaking, It’s That Good, DEEP GIRL, is finally, mercifully being put to bed:

That’s the nice version of the post title, by the way

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Yes, DEEP GIRL Is Still Alive

Of course, if you follow them on SHOWROOM or whatever, you’re well aware of the fact that the most benighted of all once-promising idol projects, DEEP GIRL, does in fact still engage in activities. They just don’t get up on stage so much.

However, if you’re more like me and you don’t SHOWROOM or CHEERZ or whatever because who has the time, any little proof of life is a good thing to get. So I offer:

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DEEP GIRL Is Falling Apart; Now Non Says Her Farewell

First Mashiro (and her quick turnaround), now everybody’s favorite pit-firing-up Showroom-experimenting multi-talented idol, Non:

Her quick little post here says little else, just “I’m leaving now, goodbye.” This statement that she added to Twitter is no doubt more explanatory: Continue reading

Idols Got Talent: DEEP GIRL’s Non Is Way More Than Mosh Pits

Man, I got a kick out of this.

So (the remaining members of) DEEP GIRL participated in an acoustic performance thing over the weekend. If you’re wondering what “I kill” sounds like unplugged, you’ll have to continue to wait; but if you wanted to hear Non and her deceptively soulful voice get a little jazzy, you’ve come to the right place:

I know somebody out there has a link to Non’s personal *somethingOrother* account where she has recordings of herself singing all good and awesome — could you share in the comments?

Update: It’s been shared!

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Mashiro Is out of DEEP GIRL

This wasn’t something I wanted to see:

It’s been a year since “I kill,” but the gods don’t like us enough to have sudden out-of-the-blue messages about important announcements be about new releases or tours or anything. And so it was:

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DEEP GIRL, Karaoke-style, Translated for You

I had shared this on Facebook the other day (much to poor Will’s dismay!), but the completed version is just too delicious to pass on sharing more widely here.

Say, friends, have you ever listed to “I kill” and really wanted to be able to sing along? And not just the hook in the chorus, but the Non-screaming-a-hole-in-bullying’s-stupid-face-forever breakdown parts at the end, too? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

By way of the DEEP GIRL group on Facebook (and with the author’s permission even!), I bring you one karaoke-friendly translation of “I kill” for you to take into the booth and scare the ever-living bejeezus out of your friends/date: Continue reading

Monday Match Game: Mashiro vs. Mashiro

I like to keep things spicy around here. No, there’s no shortage of new idols to learn about or new videos to look at, and goodness knows I’m making a hell of an ask of you guys with the whole Best of 2016 business, but it’s always nice to introduce some new stuff.

And this is new! I’m calling it the Monday Match Game, and it’ll run until I or we run out of ideas, or pure, unadulterated malaise strikes it down simile awkward metaphor!

The thing is, idols are interesting. But they’re even more interesting when they’re pitted against one another in metaphorical mortal combat based entirely on completely tenuous associations between them!

As such, our first entry in the first Monday Match Game pits the Queen of Yami-Kawaii against the Most Metal Cheerz Model in the World. Yes, friends, in a fight to the death, who emerges victorious — Mashiro or Mashiro? Continue reading

DEEP GIRL’s Latest Live Videos Are Sweet, Out of Control

They’ve been dropping these pro edits of live footage (with studio audio); now we have ourselves DEEP GIRL back on Jimmy Eat World and, uh, Hoobastank:

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