This is yesterday’s news, but worth being today’s news, too: With the release of their EP coming up in a heartbeat, SPARK SPEAKER, who are on a genuinely great hot streak, dropped this MV yesterday, and it’s … well, you’re literate and aware of the title of the post, so I don’t really need to belabor it:

I know, I know, it’s not like some super rarity that this is a ballad; it’s more, I don’t recall a straight-up power ballad on KYO-MEI (which was quite good). And this is a nice power ballad! It’s one of those song styles that’s uniquely well-suited for idols to pull off, regardless of their orientation on the homi spectrum. And, as we’ve seen lately, SPARK SPEAKER is doing a really great job of standing out on quality while also rapidly building up a pretty solid discography.

Meaning of Life is out next week. If it sells well (and there’s no reason to think that it won’t do well on the indie charts at least), the days of near-constant street lives could be a thing of the past.

One thought on “SPARK SPEAKER Did a Ballad!

  1. i had already heard this song a fiew times. think they even preformed it the day i discovered them, so i didnt even know any better.
    what i do think is funny that Fuuko and Shizuka have no lines in this song at all.

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