Cheeky Parade Don’t Care, Nonetheless Continues to Do Loud Work

I’m a little late to the party here, but I always think that it’s worth highlighting times when idols who are neither chika nor automatically among the denizens of the loud do cool and interesting things musically. And, honestly, this isn’t the first time that I wanted to hold up Cheeky Parade for consideration.

A few days ago, I happened to be cruising on New School Kaidan and saw their post on the set of new videos in from Cheeky Parade, and I thought that you all might get something out of it. What is idol if not riven with opportunity to learn and discover, after all?

This track is the motivation here:

Idol pop rock never gets old

Then there’s this rappy, dancy, partytime number that I took the title from:

Who’s that bitch!

There’s a third video, too, and I’ll give it to you because it might further your gateway into Cheeky Parade, but it isn’t loud or exciting at all:

You should get to know Cheeky Parade better, obviously.