Does SPARK SPEAKER’s New EP Presage Things as Good as It Sounds?

At least, as far as the trailer is concerned.

This includes that new song, naturally; refreshingly, I don’t think it’s so much as even the second-best track on the record, if the trailer is going to be any indication.

This is kind of an interesting point for the ex-DINOSAUR BRAIN. Their album from late last year was not-so-sneakily a pretty good listen — it was actually a big part of my soundtrack while on the The Necroma Sojourn — and they’ve been steadily racking up appearances, solo street lives and otherwise, wherever and whenever in a way that, yes, is directly reminiscent of Tsubasa Fly, in deed moreso than in word.

Look at this:

Yes, it’s going to be so edited as to be as great as possible, but that’s a great crowd going along with a pretty captivating live no matter how you slice it. Can that crowd be grown, or has it already peaked? Can SPARK SPEAKER sustain that energy? In six months, you put out a full album and then an EP, and you perform constantly, and that’s the kind of response that you get on stage … it’s a good formula, is what I’m saying, and it’s a lot like how (to name-drop them again) Necroma turned solid niche interest, great materials, skilled members and a very savvy manager into … well, everything that they have right now.

Can SPARK SPEAKER get there, too? Touring internationally is a tough, risky pill to swallow, but to become chika icons? I can’t see why not.

One thought on “Does SPARK SPEAKER’s New EP Presage Things as Good as It Sounds?

  1. recently got into them. got sold the first time i saw them live really (didnt even know i had seen them on here before, the MV never sold me), they got great crowd interaction which really gets people going. that video was not a lie.

    though im not sure if they really can get to the same point as Necroma, i think musically they were easier for a ”mainstream” western audience to get into.

    their english is quite ok tho, they don’t have much of a problem interacting with their foreign fans. so if they break though, they will be fine for sure.

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