From Death Springs New Life: The Aftermath of Lyric Holic’s Demise

Every now and again, it’s worth following up on idols you particularly enjoyed. Sometimes, the hint you get is about as subtle as an explosion; other times, it’s just a little blip on the Twittersphere that says that maybe there’s something worth looking into.

Yesterday, a little bit of us kicked off following Lyric Holic official’s announcement that the group is inexplicably rebooting after dying:

“How peculiar,” I thought, largely because I always thought that Lyric Holic was effectively self-managed. “I wonder what the old members are up to in this case?”

This is the rewarding part.

Tama got involved in this short-term collaboration with the members of Bakuon Dolls Syndrome and Bokura no Oyugi:

And Julia’s joined a burlesque revue:

If you were curious as to Shiori’s whereabouts, she’s apparently supporting the new auditions (maybe to stick around? WHO KNOWS!), but her Twitter stream has become a truly wonderful thing:

Snack time!

So it’ll be interesting to see where this goes. Other than Guso Drop and the never-say-sleep Zekkyou, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a chika group be as willing to grind as Lyric Holic always ways, and goodness knows that we need more ear-splitting intensity in this world. If any of the old members are going to re-involve themselves in the new iteration of the group, that’d be something on its own, but it’s not even that important — it’s just cool to see that there’s idol live after idol, or at least never-ending connections.

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  1. LyricHolic is run by a company called aLive Enterprise (yes, with that weird capitalisation).

    Tama-chan is also doing guest vocals on Diable Voix’s forthcoming 2nd single “Song for…”

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