I’m Actually Totally Okay with the Archaeology of PassCode

Yes, I goofed on PassCode for re-recording a bunch of their earlier works and calling that their new album. Goofing was required! That doesn’t mean that I didn’t get all kid-on-Christmas-morning when I saw that there was a trailer — already! — for “Locus”:

“Toxic”! Holy crap, that’s one of my favorite things! What else?

Never Sleep Again
Now I Know
Seize the Day
Gekijo Progressive
Club Kids Never Die
Kiss no hanataba
New Song

That’s some vintage-ass PassCode, man. Yeah, I kind of made fun of them for the move, but it was out of love and respect (I just want them to do stuff, you know?); I’d totally buy this. With the exception of “AXIS”, which just never did turn my crank, and obviously this new song, that’s pretty much a selection of my favorite older PassCode songs. Maybe I’ll complain that “XYZ” didn’t make the cut, but this is fine.

Especially if the new song is an excuse to have Yuna step forth with all of the combined energy that she’s been saving up since her illness and the incredible whooshing sound deep in the mix is the universe being sucked out into the eternal void through the tear in time and space created by her massive demon bellow.

Oh, also? I think it was Lee who pointed out that change was necessary and it’s not like this is the first time that PassCode was rewriting their own history and pretending that certain things never happened. That’s a good point. It’s also a great opportunity to bring back some super-vintage-ass PassCode and give it the treatment it deserves!

Also, the art:

*This brings up an old really weird not-really-an-argument about PassCode’s music; I passingly referred to “Toxic” as “signature PassCode” and Other Party was like “what that’s crazy why would you say that” and I was like “because they play it at every live and it’s clearly a crowd favorite if nothing else” and there was harrumphing and scoffing all around; take that!