New Sickness: Yamitsuki Company, Please and Thanks

There have been more than a few instances of arm-waving and MANIAC WHY AREN’T YOU LOSING YOUR MIND OVER THIS when it comes to Yamitsuki Company over the past month or so (including in the Weekender!), and you’ll see and hear why in a second, but I want to preface this by saying that not a single person who’s brought this up, all flush-faced and panting and sort of vacant-eyed, had anything but total commitment in how they talked about it.

So. “Sickness.” Ready?

Thanks for the tip on the full, Jul

Between Viz Major and Jul, there’s a surprising amount of info about the group in those comments on the Weekender, considering that Yamitsuki Company doesn’t have a website (that they link to, at least). But they’re based out of Nagoya; specifically, a maid cafe in Nagoya. I have very little interest in maid cafes, but I could make an exception for one where I might get screamed at through a bullhorn just for coming in the door. Also, again, why is like everything interesting happening in either Nagoya or Osaka anymore?

How about that song, though? The description on the video calls it “EMO chiptune,” which I suppose isn’t inaccurate, but come on, hasn’t everybody who isn’t a mopey teenager moved on from emo by now? Give that descriptor some pizzazz! How about “digital yume-core”? It’s like a PassCode remix, or … look, I’m not the only deathcore fan here, right? And you know how deathcore bands will kind of inexplicably include keyboards, but then there’ll be a breakdown or outro where the keys suddenly rise to the fore and turn the theme into something genuinely beautiful? That’s kind of where I am with this composition, which is significantly all over the place in that way I enjoy.

Yamitsuki Company is fairly new overall, but they’re sharing bills with the likes of, well, a bunch of idols who you’d expect them to share stages with, so let’s hope that this project keeps developing legs and can give us much more down the road.

6 thoughts on “New Sickness: Yamitsuki Company, Please and Thanks

  1. Finally the full MV! I knew this group would not disappoint. That drum programming though, that snare!! I see some real potential here now we got the final product. Tsuku-chan sounds pretty good on the harsh vocals too. Great song.

    Lol I actually didn’t get any “emo” vibes from it but I guess if that’s what they want to call it. Though I also never really did get into emo stuff. Ah, apparently there’s also a Hatsune Miku version of this song:

    Oh yeah and you should definitely at least try a maid cafe if you find yourself in Tokyo one day. You get to have omurice with curry, play games, watch a performance while waving cyalumes, moe-moe-kyun, and get a 2-shot cheki with a nice young lady. I recommend Maidreamin (they have the hottest maids). 🙂

    • I agree with you on the amount of potential here, and also the maid cafe recommendation. I’ve only been to Maidreaming, but it was way more fun than I imagined :

      I wouldn’t go by myself, but it was a blast with friends. I had the omurice just because I had to try omurice at least once in my life, but next time I’m going with the hamburger steak in the shape of a teddy bear.

      • Nice! Yeah the omurice is definitely a dish that trips out a lot of people who are not used to it but I mean where else can you really find eggs, rice, and curry? Lol. The hamburger steak is pretty good too. There’s another place called “@home cafe” that is also in Akiba that’s nice too but I’m always drawn to the girls and costumes of Maidreamin.

  2. Hi guys,
    I’m a big fan of Yamitsuki Company, or Yamikan for short, and just wanted to say that I’m super happy that Homicidols finally blogged about them!
    (I’ve been reading your stuff randomly since I became a Zenkimi fan last spring.)

    As for the music genre of this group, I really loved your suggestion “digital yume-core”, which I guess is more accurate for this brand-new song.

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