Give This Candye Syrup Track a Spin and Tell Me I’m the Crazy One

It’s a slower kind of day out there, amigos, but thank goodness for the genuine breadth and depth of idol, as it can turn over almost anything to talk about. For instance, today, Terry noticed that Candye Syrup had uploaded a new song Not new-new, given that it’s dated to the same day as “CSIS,” but new enough for us!

All right, I don’t like that one as much. It sounds like a midi version of a better song, which HORSE the Band proved can be cool like 20 years ago, but isn’t guaranteed to be a success. I’d normally be pretty excited about 1.5 total breakdowns in a song, too, but Candye Syrup breakdowns are less double-fisted face-melting soul destroyers and more excuses to have Non grunt and then do the Nick Jonas Guitar Solo of Breakdowns; compare to their other two releases to date if you don’t believe me.

Man, I don’t usually put out negative opinions so freely. Feels weird. I’ll keep it going, hell: Does anybody have a translation of the lyrics? I’d like to know if “SCREAMING CRAZY WORLD” has any bearing in the subject matter or if it’s just a low-key grab for edginess.

Yeah. Don’t like it!

5 thoughts on “Give This Candye Syrup Track a Spin and Tell Me I’m the Crazy One

  1. I think this is one of those songs we need to wait to see live for the stage/choreo and whatnot. VERY frantic pacing as a whole.

    The mix, vox, and instrumentation was cool, that synth is…Um…

    Back when Radio Shack was a thing, way before smartphones, they sold crappy 18 $ RC cars and knock-off Casio keyboards. Always in the front part of the store. As an aspiring yet underacheiving mall-rat I passed many an hour just messing around wwith their offerings.

    That synth made me expect generic pipe organ, flute, and poorly reverberating piano and gamelan samples. But that’s my problem.

    In the end it doesn’t matter though, I think Candye Syrup could be one of those “perfect storms” that makes for a memorable Unit. Not a fan of Yami-Kawaii fashion, but I def want to hear what’s next.

    • I overall agree with your point about them being one to watch, but you’re also right on with the whole cheap synth thing. I liked the suggestion that it’s a rough demo, regardless of how true it might be.

  2. I guess as Harajuku hair salon bands go their okay but I think I’m allergic to pastel so I will pass.

    Always interested when a band I think is doing something I’ve heard many times before and done better is getting hype that I don’t see.

    One quick listen and before the song was half way through I got Babymetal, Bish, Guso Drop, The Dots, You’ll Melt More and so on but Candye Syrup I yawn.

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