Nothing Heartens Me More Than Idols Soldiering Solo

Well, gang, it’s official — while this time last year was bursting with new releases and activity and the whole world felt alive, most of idol seems to be holding its breath. At times like this, I like to dive into YouTube and see what kinds of offbeat and interesting things are showing their face.

My favorite find today? Hinata from le biglemoi inexplicably doing an entire set solo:

I will remind you that le biglemoi has like 35 members, so how this happened … well, thinking back on the time that Keikarin did a full PiGU live when everybody else got sick, and I did just survive norovirus, and that stuff can be crazy contagious, so while I’m not saying that the rest of the group was violently expelling the contents of their digestive tracts, I’m not not saying that happened, either. I’M JUST ASKING QUESTIONS OKAY.

This is what they usually look like, btw:

This is a new song?

Anyway, this is cool, and now not only do we know that Hinata is a BAMF, we also have a nice update on le biglemoi!