This Is Where le biglemoi Stands Now

A little while back, if you’ll recall, I had an itch of curiosity about a once-up-and-comer from the chika ranks, a certain le biglemoi, and decided to look them up. The timing was good! The group was reshuffling and re-starting, and had some new music to share.

Flash forward to yesterday, when I was trying to contribute to a project of Kerrie’s and was wracking my brain for idols that fit a certain description, and remembered le biglemoi and again found myself looking at their feed, which was … well, frankly, not all that exciting. It was like nothing had happened since the last time, and that’s fine, man, idol needs to idol on its own time sometimes.

However, as it turned out, in this case I was actually a tiny bit early, and le biglemoi had some stuff to share, just a few hours after I’d arrived:

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Who Else Was Curious about le biglemoi?

If you’re reading this and the title poses more questions — different questions! — rather than an answer of “me, yes, thanks,” then you may want to first familiarize yourself with what originally looked like one of the best debuts of 2017 that managed to squander a lot of that energy and promise almost immediately because chika gotta chika sometimes. I refer of course to le biglemoi, a project of RIZE, descended from Kitakaze Impact and Kitakaze Impact Choque!(.) They used to have a whole mess of members but had been more recently down to three before all but disappearing … until a couple of weeks ago, when official Twitter woke back up. And they have new material for us!

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I Want Everybody to Pay Close Attention to This le biglemoi Song

And here I was just recently extolling the virtues of le biglemoi and getting roughly the same response as ever, which is to say disproportionately not large, in fact roughly on par with Candy GO!GO!, and I find that disturbing because le biglemoi is as good a near-finished product as anything else to step anew onto the idol stage this year. Therefore, to trick people into clicking without relying on anything salacious or scandalous, I tried to create a sense of urgency around the post.

While you’re here? Hit play.

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And Here’s le biglemoi with the Best Thing Happening This Week

You guys remember le biglemoi, right? Briefly just about the coolest dang thing to happen in the middle portion of the year, loud but also going with a darkened tradol look, they fell into the ever-predictable Westerners’ trap of Oops We’re Good but Also Missed Doing Something for a Week and Now You’ve Forgotten about Us. It happens a lot!

Anyway, they’re cool and good, but I’d nonetheless completely lost track of their existence — ironically so, as you’ll discover in the Weekender — to the point that they weren’t even in my Check This Weekly list anymore. And that’s a shame, because this is the kind of work that le biglemoi is capable of producing:

I love nonsensical English lyrics in idol songs

Amazingly? This isn’t on their Twitter feed (yet), and it’s as yet not promoting any particular release; it’s like management expects that fans will all be subscribed on YouTube, that their notifications will work (they never do) and then they’ll do the dirty work of telling each other about the thing. Which, funny, that’s how I know about it (thanks, PIH), and also I would never dream of trying such a thing (/cough), but additionally also is an inexplicable way to do business for (presumable) money.

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You Can/Should Still Get on the le biglemoi Bandwagon

I am of the belief that more of you guys need to get in on le biglemoi before they turn into pumpkins; in a pretty resoundingly down year for heavy idol, they’re one of the real bright spots to emerge from … what is this? the third generation? fourth? of the scene.

PIH called it “live intro,” which I took to mean some kind of weirdly dark burikko, but it’s instead what they use as the intro to their lives; that partly explains the male voice, but only so much. Continue reading

Nothing Heartens Me More Than Idols Soldiering Solo

Well, gang, it’s official — while this time last year was bursting with new releases and activity and the whole world felt alive, most of idol seems to be holding its breath. At times like this, I like to dive into YouTube and see what kinds of offbeat and interesting things are showing their face.

My favorite find today? Hinata from le biglemoi inexplicably doing an entire set solo:

I will remind you that le biglemoi has like 35 members, so how this happened … well, thinking back on the time that Keikarin did a full PiGU live when everybody else got sick, and I did just survive norovirus, and that stuff can be crazy contagious, so while I’m not saying that the rest of the group was violently expelling the contents of their digestive tracts, I’m not not saying that happened, either. I’M JUST ASKING QUESTIONS OKAY.

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Why Yes, I Will Take Some Fresh le biglemoi, Please and Thanks

Well, maybe not fresh le biglemoi, but certainly fresh video of le biglemoi:

That’s nice. That’s Thursday Hurtsday-worthy, insofar as a week as wacky as this one can even be bothered to try to keep up with its highly contrived themes! Still. Continue reading

Looks Like We Got Even More Loudols, You Guys

This was a neat accidental find last week — there’s a le biglemoi among us, folks, and they’re nice and loud.

They had their debut the other night, and I kept hoping that they’d have video from it, but that’s okay: This is kind of adequate for the time being. And what a title for the thing — “black was born”. It’s like AC/DC, only in reverse! Continue reading