This Is Promising: Synth de La Eve

When was I complaining about idol being in the doldrums? Was that yesterday? Sure. Well, importantly, I forgot one key detail: It’s also debut season! Well, one of them. But like what I was saying about the whole “last year was so good” thing? Last year, right at this time, we had NEVE SLIDE DOWN debut, and BiS come back to life (so basically debut), and SiS for a hot minute, and Dots not long after. Autumn!

So this is how I show contrition and shut my mouth all at once:

You can thank Pure Idol Heart for tracking down another one. That’s Synth de La Eve (Twitter). I like them.

So, basically, what I always wanted to have from Mugen Regina. Metal and goth and synths galore (because idol) and that girl with the harsh vocals is apparently 16; my voice was still naturally cracking at that age.

I was curious to see why the defunct Dragon Nation Academy was showing up in the recs, and it’s because we’re looking at the same company, so I guess they’re going to give the heavier stuff another go. This is a good start!

Also, though, you know how I wished and wished for an industrial idol thing, and ultimately got GARUDA, which kind of scratches that itch but not as much as I’d like? I suddenly have a hankering for legit doom metal idols.