You guys know that I dig me some SAKA-SAMA. I like everything associated with TRASH-UP!! because they’re the indie idol scene’s SUB POP — Avandoned, Dots, the deceased Kuroneko no Yuutsu … and SAKA-SAMA. It all speaks to my appreciation for the weird and creative, the risk-taking and willingness to do what sounds good to you for the sake of it, because you dig it.

And if you’re going to do things that seem cool just because, then why not add a child-voiced rapper to the mix?

Yep — La La Sugar, formerly of Koutei Camera Girl and Koutei Camera Girl Zwei, and currently doing O’CHAWANZ, has joined the ranks of SAKA-SAMA for a limited time. How limited? I don’t know! But this is what the debut sounded like:

A partnership so epic, it requires the Star Wars theme to announce

You can read this article on the details if you’re so inclined and maybe understand it better than I did:

The possibilities for this are … well, if it’s rap breaks in the middle of psychadelic alt-rock songs, count me in.