Mugen Regina Is Disgorging New Music, Video

Is that kind of gross? I was trying to think of a suitably metal way of saying “releasing in earnest” that didn’t sound sexual.

Anyway! Mugen Regina, one of my personal underappreciated gems that few others seem to care much about (screw you guys!), made a mini-tour to Osaka last week and may still be there, but the important thing is that they have released …

This full set, which includes plenty of snips of what their near-term future may look like; that is, a world in which Haruno Megumi isn’t there to sing lead, so center duties sort of descend onto Ayame and Maako:

This is my first experience with Zaki since she joined, so I’m glad to see that she’s got some pipes.

And, performed today for perhaps the first time, what looks like “Fluttering Petals”:

Megumi’s farewell live is virtually minutes away. I hope they’re able to keep moving; their brand of metaled-up idol is a really nice combination of beauty and brutal.

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