Life Is Sweet Music: Haloperi Doll Not to Be Outdone

So Mugen Regina thinks they can just trot out a bunch of stuff, do they? Well, agencymates/sister group Haloperi Doll, who are adding a kind of grown-up kawaii to their thrashy sound now that v.2.0 has morphed into v.2.1 and who knows what all is going on, not only shared two full sets’ videos this afternoon, they launched their very own YouTube channel.

Of course, your friendly neighborhood Maniac was not only the first to like both of those videos, but the first subscriber to their channel. NOTICE AND REWARD ME!

3 thoughts on “Life Is Sweet Music: Haloperi Doll Not to Be Outdone

      • In all seriousness though, those shows look really fun, especially the performance from Screamin’ 60s member Kai’s birthday extravaganza. Haloperi Doll is one of those bands that I wish had more stuff out there, so hopefully this is the shot in the arm they need to get more out of the concert halls and into our hands.

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