All Hell Breaks Loose in These Kitakaze Videos

This is Kitakaze. I wasn’t looking for pain, but these young women brought it to me anyway:

Originally via Idol 2.0

Is this not amazing? I feel like they’re doing what a lot of idols wish they were doing, bringing this swaggeringly chaotic stage show to life and just sneering at the audience that’s definitely into it but definitely inferior.


They’re amazing. It looks like another re-brand is in the works here: This is what they used to look and sound like. Not anymore!

I want to learn everything that there is to know about them. And then I want them to come to my house and put on a show in my basement before hell swallows them back up.

5 thoughts on “All Hell Breaks Loose in These Kitakaze Videos

  1. Well with a name like “The Northern Wind” I’d expect them to be pretty hardcore! Now I wanna hear a studio recording of them to hear what they really sound like, sans compression and mic-shredding.

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