Mugen Regina Added a New Member

In one of those great instances of why actually being able to read Japanese would be super cool, Mugen Regina’s official account today tweeted out:

If you can read Japanese, that says “oh and btw there’s totes a new member,” right? That’s what the translation says, though said translation is just a shade beyond gibberish. HOWEVER, because I keep official Twitter accounts on “notify me,” and I followed up on that pretty much as soon as it went out, I quickly followed Ms. Sonozaki and on first glance saw a personal, albeit not terribly active, account — which is now down to a single “Hi I’m here so totally looking forward to working hard!” tweet.


Mugen Regina was until yesterday sitting at three members, but had been a quartet right up through this past summer, so I’m thinking that this is more a return to form than anything else.

Welcome, “New Members-chan”! Tokita Maako is very excited to have you aboard!