Mugen Regina Has a New Song & ISO New Members

The song is called “Bloody Knife” because of course it is. After the weird rope-a-dope of this morning, I could use a good stabbing.

Also, some of the most interesting choreography

Two-member Mugen Regina is still really weird to me. I got into them on the strength of “from hell” and Megumi’s leads; they and their music are still a good time when that’s what you’re looking for, but it is different. Maybe they’re on the way to getting that back:

It seems like forever since Ayame just sort of drifted away following Megumi’s graduation and the very short incorporation of An’z from sister group Haloperi Doll, and it’s been all Aya and Zaki for months. A little injection will be a good thing, I think.

Ayame still included in the banner because they still have her alive on Twitter.