Stop Everything and Do This Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Video from You’ll Melt More!

In what’s being very roundly touted as a world first, You’ll Melt More’s brand-new video for “Hamidashi PARADEISE” is … well:

Very handy English version!

Well, my mind’s officially fucking blown for the day. How about yours? And how many iterations of that game are there? I’ve still only done it once. Does it always end the same way? Is it possible to find a path that results in your being physically absorbed into the screen and, while now physically dead, you get to live on forever as a digital-only member of YMM? (That’s the paradise part, I think.)

Don’t get it? Let Chiffon explain:

When I thought this was all they released, I was very confused

Clear as mud! But that’s okay. Any one of the many, many news pieces on this will help.

I can’t say enough about how cool this is. Do it in Japanese too while you’re at it!

Seriously, if you love your family, show this to them. If you merely resent your friends, show this to them. If you don’t totally hate your boss, show this to them.


4 thoughts on “Stop Everything and Do This Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Video from You’ll Melt More!

  1. Oh my goodness. Following idol activities has some crushing lows but it’s really all worth it for highs like this. When I first laid eyes on You’ll Melt More! as a group, I somehow knew that I’d eventually be staring up at the roof of a cube, asking “What is our existence?” Ylmlm gives me such STRENGTH!

    • This was my morning:
      Wake up in hotel, groggy.
      Remember that YMM was going to release something at Butt O’clock, still groggy.
      Fire up Twitter, only marginally less groggy.
      See tweet, with Chiffon’s face in a video still, highly confused.
      Watch video, wonder why Chiffon is so earnestly explaining things to me.
      See additional YMM video recommended, no longer groggy at all!

      It’s been all downhill since then, I’m afraid.

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