Life Ain’t So Sweet Now: Is This Mugen Regina Thing Finally Resolved?

For being among the most scenester of all metal idol formations, Mugen Regina has managed to keep the drama moving at a fever pitch lately.

Just in the time that I’ve been following them, they went from a quartet to a trio, re-added a fourth member (Zaki), lost their center (Megumi), had their stablemates in Haloperi Doll decide to break up, had their leader (Ayame) go on hiatus for health reasons, poached Haloperi Doll’s leader An’z to fill in for Ayame, had An’z disappear from Twitter for a day, and now:

Okay, no more An’z, and a duo for the time being. What does An’z have to say about all of that, all of everything?

Management acknowledges all the turmoil and vows to fight on:

And what about the current/future members?

Soldiering on! With a new look and optimism for the future and …

Oh shit, Ako has been reduced to communicating entirely by hashtag!

Let’s revisit happier, more stable times.

I love the Christmas out of this song.

If Haruno doesn’t wind up some kind of success in this business, a grave crime has been committed against humanity.