MISS QUINS: Welcome to the Party of Tortured Souls

If you’ve been keeping up with the codomomental news, maybe you understand a little bit why we run our best-of from December of the previous year to November. It gives us enough distance to put the hype in perspective of all the other exciting things that happened.

And we’ll certainly need that distance as I’m hype ventilating at just what is happening in the next week. As you know, Kotetsu is transfering to Yukueshirezutsurezure and debuting on tomorrow at their biggest live yet at Club Citta. Codomomental’s new idol group, Seireki13ya (Seireki Jusan ya), will be revealed on December 15.

And despite this being overwhelming enough on its own, Codomomental really went in for the kill because they just revealed that there’s a new Tsurezure member debuting on Friday. Who is not Kotetsu.

Her Name is Takaritakara, which I hope will be split as Takarita Kara (But the one poll I’ve seen what leaning toward Takari Takara, so take your bets now).

Go say hi!

Despite previous member rotations, Tsurezure were always four before. With Kaqriyo Terror Architect at five members and Tsurezure now joining them as a quintet, the Codomen dynamics and alchemy will certainly change in interesting ways in 2019.

And you can expect more screaming articles as Seireki debuts and I berate my friend in Japan for comments.