There Is New Hanako-san Come to Curdle Our Blood

Speaking perpetually of acts too good to release so little new/er material that warrants slavish coverage (and/or haven’t become exhausting on principle!), our very own officially unofficial mascot of Homicidols Dot Com, the 14th Generation Hanako-san of the Toilet, performer extraordinaire and maybe Daemon’s new best friend, just kind of threw this one out into the world yesterday without fanfare:

What I’m guessing are the lyrics:

This tiny ball of undead fury never releases anything that isn’t, bar minimum, interesting. My only regret toward her is having missed out on a chance to pick up the understatedly consensus #1 EP of the year, her U.S.-issued Father’s Masturbation, and in not having wherewithal to be promoting it to death in the Best Of. Maybe, if this track is part of a corpus in the works, and we wind up with a widely available album in the next several months, we can look forward to next year being the Year of the Toilet Ghost!