From 0 to Hype with raymay

Not that long ago, maybe a week or so, some scuttlebutt opened up in the Idolverse. One could write that sentence for just about any day on the calendar, but in this case I refer to a bubbles of interest around a new project from the same team as uijin, who you may recall as great-ass idols who exist at permanent arm’s length from anybody who doesn’t go to their many, many lives. Great, but sad! Naturally, of course, the discussion turned toward what this new sister unit will sound like — more of the big sister’s “neo Tokyo” take, or maybe something bent more(!) toward electronica, or brutal slam*, or … or what? Now we know!

They’re called raymay (Twitter), and this is the first glimpse into what they’ll sound like. Just listen to this swag:

It’s just the first clip, and it’s just a short one, but if the uijin experience has taught me anything, it’s that the production team (who I am assuming are at least mostly the same people!) are good and smart and creative, and what we have to look forward to will be nothing short of some of the best stuff that you’re going to get from idol, period, only you’re only going to get it in small doses and never at the level of accessibility that you really want!

Their debut is naturally with uijin, and on Christmas Eve to boot. I anticipate being way too into this group in no time flat.

*No matter how many times I ask nicely, nobody ever makes a brutal slam idol unit