Mina’s Staying Loose, Just Waiting for the Bullpen Phone to Ring

I wondered if we’d get another chance to revisit the Greatest Conspiracy in Human History again before the year was over, and the Babymetal Illuminati allowed another sign of their intentions to slip through.

Via the Idolmetal group

See Mina’s previous connection to the conspiracy.

My question is, does Mina know that she’s being manipulated this way, or is she a willing participant? Like, did she actually leave Fruitpochette because of illness, or was it an elaborate ruse? Was she all ready to go at/after the Dome, but whatever happened in the interim scuttled the plans? Because she’s ready, you guys. She can step in now. Just give her the damn ball.

Or, the worse possibility yet: Did the Babymetal Illuminati play a longer game than we realize? And so, was Mina actually ill? And was that illness caused by some nefarious agent of The Fur Lining (that’s the Fox God’s double-secret initiatory group of assassins) setting into motion the most diabolical plan ever?

We may never know. Nonetheless, Mina’s up for our saddest graduation, and Babymetal’s a finalist in several categories, in the Best of 2016. Voting starts tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Mina’s Staying Loose, Just Waiting for the Bullpen Phone to Ring

  1. Jokes aside, awesome job by Mina – as expected. I’m happy she keeps showcasing her singing talent. And hopefully we see her back on stage next year as a full-time singer (if that’s her wish though).

  2. Well, I can see Mina’s illness is still in effect. It doesn’t keep her from singing, and doesn’t really keep her from dancing… Just can’t keep up with how hard those Ehime Idols rehearse and train. It’s not even just FP, but they do monthly free shows for Nissan, and have madcrew mashups.

    When Mina first went on hiatus, she still show up to do finale performances with Zuma. I don’t think she’s able to come back 100%. But Kyuri was a FP trainee back in August 2014, at the time the future look good with Shiori and Mina, and Kyuri moved on to solo. They are all friends, and Kyuri still has her solo project active, so I don’t think Kyuri would stand in the way of Mina if she was able to return.

    Best possibility is tagging in for a few songs here and there.

  3. reading the article more, Mina definatly left due to chronic kidney disease. I can see even in her Cosplay’s the effects, like her easy bruising. I have recent pics and even video it is very apparent to a sad extent. Most of her cosplays cover her arms and often wear tights too. I am resetting my laptop again and everythings on backup right now, but I do have examples.

    • Anyways, The illness doesn’t keep her from stage, singing or dancing. Just the rigors of rehearsing she has stated. These girls rehearse a lot. Like I have only seen Zuma and Kyuri out drinking twice, and they are like 23. they are always hanging out with the youngies from nano. Speaking of nano. Ayu, who had no health problems left because they rehearse so much, she’d skip school the next day. just too tired. Mayu filled in for a while when Mina first went on hiatus, she did her nanocune stuff, and madcrew stuff too. Kadota Mayu is a fit little chick.

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