I’ll Stop Fanning These Flames When They Stop Fanning Themselves

We’ve seen the hidden symbols. We’ve seen the changes in the members’ behavior. And we’ve ever seen a small glimpse of how one former rival has been subtly rehearsing for a role that she must for some reason believe could be available to her soon.

Yes, Teratani Mina, ex of Fruitpochette, has a message for the world: She’s ready to Babymetal when Babymetal doesn’t anymore.

If you need to use a proxy

Mina (MINAMETAL?!) makes a very interesting choice of song here, and I now believe even more in the provenance of what Kitsune-sama has chosen to reveal to me as among the Elect; she says, stop abusing the heralds of the Fox God’s unholy message.

h/t to @RUSTEDRED_METAL for the catch!

I’m actually disappointed — I got very little hate mail last time. Maybe people are starting to cotton to that whole gigantic disclaimer in the original post.

8 thoughts on “I’ll Stop Fanning These Flames When They Stop Fanning Themselves

  1. I hate you. 🙂 Leave the Babymetal girls alone! Fox god will otherwise get angry and terminate other idol groups. YLMM and ZenKimi are top on his list! I saw it. He kicked out Ladybeard already as a warning.

    • YOU CAN’T BLAME ME FOR THAT! Maybe this is just all of Kitsune-sama’s plan to rid the world of competition and pretenders for when Babymetal 2.0 steps up to face its destiny.

      But how dare you threaten YMM & Zenkimi, sir? How. Dare. You?

    • The thing about her kidney problem wasn’t that it kept her from performing, it kept her from keeping up with Fruitpochette’s schedule — she couldn’t do road trips, and being on stage and dancing and everything was painful. As I understand it, her graduation was really difficult for everybody because it was one of the uncommon times that it really was an unavoidable health problem.

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