Yet More Evidence Gives Credence to My Bonkers Babymetal Theory

One of the most popular and divisive things I’ve ever added to this site was my 18-kinds-of-come-on theorizing about just what it is that’s going to end at Babymetal’s Tokyo Dome show (Babymetal. The answer is Babymetal. Kind of.).

Well, friends, in the last few days, I’ve become privy to even more information and noticed even more indications that I am either entirely correct or so visionary that Babymetal decided to forego their plans, which were obvious only to me as a person of incredible intelligence, foresight and good looks.

First up, what looks like a heartwarming moment between old friends …

… may be a super-dark harbinger of a less amazing future.

Do you know what this is?

The Kliq performs their Curtain Call at Madison Square Garden

If you were a wrestling fan in the 90s, you may recognize this as the infamous “Curtain Call” from Madison Square Garden — basically, a bunch of wrestlers who were friends IRL but enemies in the ring did a post-match celebration of their friendship just before two of them left the then-WWF for another company. It’s kind of a big deal.

I’ll let you do the math yourself.

As for the Moametal thing? Remember what I said about her being different from the others in official photos?

ADDING: Char T Saki drew my attention to this on Twitter:

The shrine isn’t just commemorating the “Megitsune” video shoot; it’s hosting a ceremony before the Dome.

In a month, all you guys are gonna owe me a Coke.

13 thoughts on “Yet More Evidence Gives Credence to My Bonkers Babymetal Theory

  1. I don’t know what you’re seeing in their group photos, but it reminds me of those photos where illuminati conspiracy theorists circle triangle shapes, and I love it!

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    • Nobody made you read it, ace!

      But just think — you could find more of the same-old-same-old about Babymetal. You could read another joke about tomatoes/food/elbows/dying of kawaii. Hell, you could even read another person wax navel-gazingly on how much they love them some Babymetal. Those are all cool and fun things to do! Especially on Reddit, where literally nothing else ever happens!

      OR, you could appreciate that everything in entertainment should be, like, entertaining, and you could appreciate that Babymetal is probably just the tiniest bit too revered, and that we as fans could stand to take a step back and maybe try to have the tiniest bit of fun with ourselves.

      Look! Somebody did a different Babymetal thing! You don’t have to like it! But why complain to the author? Why not try to get the joke (the joke is, we are the joke) and roll with it? After all, after tomatoes and dimples and terrible memes, there’s nothing that gets Babymetal fans as excited as the Babymetal Illimunati. We could be making fun of that together!

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