Best of 2016 Voting Closes Soon — Last Call!

Voting’s Closed!

Prizes? Prizes!

We have prizes! Oh, so much prizes. In a random drawing after voting ends, I’m going to be giving away NECRONOMIDOL prize packs, each consisting of a CD (either NEMESIS or from chaos born), a pin, a keychain and … a cheki chosen at random. Yep! Somebody dark and terrible loves you enough to want you to have that.

I also have occasion to give away several PiGU CD singles (only sold at live venues!), a T-shirt and a hoodie; if you’re more pop-punk than black metal, we can make a swap.

Also, the Independent Spirit Award will be given to the voter who most exemplifies swimming upstream. Out of all of the votes cast, if your selections least match the final selected winners, you’ll get the Brutality Prize Pack, which will include the above mentioned Necroma stuff and the previously mentioned Guso Drop CD+poster combo.

There’ll be some loose giveaways in addition to those, as well, so watch out for an email from over the next few days.


Voting was originally extended until today; this is last call. We currently have ties, people. Please break them.


That’s pretty much up to you! Like, Idol of the Year? What do you think is important to define that? That’s how you should vote.

We Have Some Greater and Lesser Numbers of Nominees in Some Categories

It was unavoidable! For the lesser stuff, I literally included everything that multiple people stated support for. For the greater, it was because The Collective You was remarkably indecisive.

The Year Actually Ain’t Over

Yeah, people pointed this out as soon as the nominations process started, totally fairly, but I’m also a believer in a Best Of in a particular year happening during that year (unless you’re the Grammys or something). Just off the top of my head, we’ve had notable releases from Yukueshirezutsurezure and BPM15Q and others since the start of December, and Malcolm Mask McLaren is still impending, and there may yet be cool debuts and whatnot.

The point is, keeping things within a pretty strict calendar range was to simplify the process for our first time. Next year, we can do December-December and come back around to some things that we may feel that we missed.

For the Performance Category, I Let Emotion Sway the Day

Whether it matters much even to the people who made the nominations, who’s to say, but Bellring Girls Heart wound up with two finalists in the Best Performance category. That makes sense, because they put on a great show! I kept them originally, too, but there was good consensus that the one-per-group rule in the drill-down should apply to the finalists, too, so a couple of votes in the end pushed PassCode’s Zepp DiverCity finale (from their live DVD) up the list and forced a choice between Bellheart stages.

I said that I’d leave it up to Twitter, and Twitter selected Tokyo Dome City Hall, but our man TUFKAT made a really great emotional case for TIF, so I went with it. Get mad if you want.

Because There Were a Lot of Ties in the Nominations, I’m Going to Use a Tiebreaker Procedure

This sounds dumb and assy, but I’m going to ask my brother to break any ties. Fortunately, my brother isn’t just some random person, but a legit fan in his own right who just doesn’t do a lot of Internetting. We also have deep disagreements on a number of prominent idol things, so don’t worry too much about ties being broken by Maniac By Proxy.

If you don’t like that idea, go ahead and say so, and I’ll find a fallback option, most likely a friend of mine who’s a working musician who knows absolutely nothing about idols but does have excellent taste. And if that isn’t a great idea, I’ll take it to Twitter.

If you’re wondering why I’d announce a tiebreaker for what’s going to be a completely secret ballot (unless you want to share your selections; I’m not your dad, you know?), it’s just me trying to be transparent.

To Share or Not to Share?

I’ve been really back-and-forth on this, but doing the Best of 2016 as a community initiative instead of, like, a website-to-website thing like I originally thought about doing with some others in the scene was because I liked the idea of this being a low-touch component of Phase II, and Phase II’s about making more fans for more idols.

That being said, people with no real knowledge of idols aren’t really part of the community, are they? Conversely, that was also why I asked you all do the nominations the way they were done, to only get input from folks who know their stuff.

So I’ll say, use your best judgment. I’m going to be doing some judicious sharing into other musical communities (especially where recordings and videos are being shared) that I think might have people like us in there, and you should feel free to do whatever you want (again, I’m not your dad!), but I do ask that sharing ballots be done less in a spirit of trying to stack the deck and more in a “hey, you like good things, come check this out.”

I think that’s about it! Ask any questions that you might have; it’s possible that you’re thinking of things that I haven’t.

11 thoughts on “Best of 2016 Voting Closes Soon — Last Call!

  1. “I’m guaranteeing a prize to the person who most nearly matches the community’s vote across all 15 categories”

    Yeah you need to get rid of that- “Best of” is about opinion and tastes… all this is going to do is make people vote for what they believe will be popular……

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  4. I’m pretty sure I’ve voted in all three ballots now, but I’m not 100% sure, and I would hate to double-vote. Is there way to find out if I have in fact voted in all three? Some extremely tough choices btw, more nerve-racking than I thought it would be!

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    • They definitely like to think so! Other than a bit of a harder edge more often, the finer points may be lost on me. It might be some kind of a local pride kind of thing, like how I definitely don’t appreciate the difference between pizza styles from New Jersey, the Five Boroughs and Connecticut, but people will declare war over their favorite.

    • Oh but also, PiGU is a lot of fun, and like super-idol because they’re basically mascots for POP iD. So there’s another single every couple of months, the membership is constantly changing, they churn out video pretty much on demand, etc.

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