Your Nominees for the Best of 2016, Adjusted

You guys know that I think you’re all great, but I want to drive that point home: You’re great! You’ve been very contributory over the last month+ while we got down to the brass tacks of 2016’s very best (or worst, as the case may be), and I could not be happier or more appreciative. Give yourselves a virtual round of applause!

Before I share the post-pre-final nominees, a word on process:

  • Final voting will begin on Dec. 12 and run until Dec. 17
  • The game element, Match A Maniac, will run Dec. 7-10
  • I’m waiting on confirmation from some people about prizes, but there might be some!

Now, there has been consternation about November and December happenings being left out of the best-of process; here is where we address that.

  • The by-category final nominees are on the other side of the jump. These were determined by aggregate totals from the pre-finals, with an adjustment explained below*. If you have other questions, feel free to ask; I’m just trying to save space here.
  • If you have an incident, release, etc. that isn’t on a finals list, it can still make the finals if:
    1. You nominate it out loud in the comments, like “I want to include Zenkimi’s Anima Animus PRDX in the finals.”
    2. You and enough other people muster enough post-nominations for what you support to match the lowest pre-vote total of the nominees who made it in.
    3. Nothing will be removed from the lists, so just consider that; is what you’re nominating at least as good/bad as what’s there, or better/worse? Or are you just trying to advance a personal favorite?
    4. Also, anything that was involved in the earlier nominations is exempt. Sorry, losers!

Feel free to ask any questions about process and whatnot. I’ll keep this open through Tuesday, Dec. 6. Now, are you ready to see your finalists?

Surprise of the Year

The World Standard’s “The Perfect Idol”
DEEP GIRL releases the “I kill” single
Hauptharmonie grows by two, including the idol formerly known as YMM’s Mone
NECRONOMIDOL releases from chaos born
The BiSurrection

Saddest Graduation of the Year

You’ll Melt More! melts more, dropping Mone and Chibo
Hug Me’s surprising departure from BiSH
Mina forced by real health problems to leave Fruitpochette
Saki electing to leave Guso Drop to focus on 2&
Mizuho and Ayano’s long goodbye from Bellring Girls Heart

Debut of the Year (group)

Yanakoto Sotto Mute
Bokura no Oyugi

Performance of the Year

Bellring Girls Heart at TIF (Smile Garden)
Maison Book Girl’s set in Canada
Babymetal at the Tokyo Dome
Bellring Girls Heart at Tokyo Dome City Hall
BiSH’s Less Than Sex tour finale

B-side of the Year

BiSH — “Earth”
You’ll Melt More! — “Shiratama Disco”
PassCode — “TRACE”
PiGU — “(Try Sometime) Do the Shake-it!” (in a set)
Tsubasa Fly — “END OF THE DAY”
GANG PARADE — “Kore wa Kitto Aventure”
PassCode — “Cry Out”

Song of the Year

So, so many ties. Please don’t tie on the final vote.

Album of the Year

PassCode — VIRTUAL
Babymetal — Metal Resistance
Yukueshirezutsurezure — Antino (M)Ideology
Bellring Girls Heart — Beyond

Letdown of the Year

The SiSituation
YouTube Red complicating and limiting Western fans’ access to idols
Rum adding a new dimension to Fruitpochette, then being gone in a month
The hyped Babymetal announcement at the Tokyo Dome turning out to be about a live viewing
The various vicissitudes of GANG PARADE’s membership

Debut of the Year (individual)

Ayuni D
The SiS Parade converts
Peri Ubu

Collaboration of the Year

Ano (YMM) and Oomori Seiko
Hirano Nozomi joined by ex-BiS colleagues
Screaming Sixties and 6% Is Mine
Tsurezure’s Shidare and Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da

Performer of the Year

Yuna (PassCode)
Pikarin (Hikari Shiina)
MAINA (Osaka Shunkashuto)
Aina the End

Single of the Year

Yukueshirezutsurezure — “Six Fall Roar / Drama with Nietzsche”
Billie Idle — “Nakisou Sunday”
Babymetal — “Karate”
DEEP GIRL — “I kill”

Video of the Year

Idol of the Year

Bellring Girls Heart
Guso Drop

Likeliest to Break Through in 2017

Osaka Shunkashuto
Guso Drop
Maison Book Girl

Remember: You have the power to make additions, but only if you can beat out the totals of what’s already there.

*Some people noticed that a likely particular individual was trying to stuff the box, as it were; because of the Power of the Internet (or, WordPress user records), I saw that several burner accounts had been used, and several others using very similar email addresses. That all likely emanating from one person, I decided to combine their total ballots into one, de-duped version.

I’m sympathetic to wanting your personal favorites to win out, but it’s better to have these things occur naturally, by sharing stuff in the various public groups and trying to engage with people directly, rather than stunt-load a community effort. There are good fans of the group/s in question on here, people whose opinions matter, and I always make a point of including the group/s because I feel that there’s plenty there for people to like. Don’t spoil it.

38 thoughts on “Your Nominees for the Best of 2016, Adjusted

  1. BPM15Q put out one of the best albums of the year just a couple of weeks ago, but I’m fine with it not being on this particular list. You gotta draw the anti-idol classification line somewhere, and I draw it somewhere underneath Rinahamu’s foot.
    I look forward to participating in the year-end festivities. I just need my work schedule to RELENT already. I missed the Passcode twitter thing last weekend, but I’ll try to get some overtime tweets out tomorrow… bah!

  2. I also think Bpm15Q’s new album should be on the Best Album list along with Billie Idle’s bi bi bi bi bi. I also want to nominate BPM15Q x petit pas as the best collaboration of the year, that song is so freaking good!!!!!

  3. Did “BiSBiS” really not make the cut for Single Of The Year? I can see three nominees on there I believe it should edge out in the category. We must not anger the Alt-Idol Goddess lest Pour Lui strike down upon us with great vengeance and furious anger. (Jokes)

    Also I agree on the ZenKimi situation being included as Letdown Of The Year but not so much for Graduation status. From what has been stated the girls withdrew on their own accord and due to a dishonorable incident. But that’s just my opinion though.

  4. All I can say is that I cannot believe that JyuJyu – ノロイハジメ did not make the video of the year list. I am flabbergasted.

    …..I just had to say that.

  5. Is it just me and my oft-wonky browser, or are there no “choices” listed except a few YouTube windows in the Song OTY and Video OTY sections?

    • Oh nicely timed! It’s not you; I wanted to have reference for people, just in case, and that made more sense as a playlist than as a text list (like I did for the B-sides). But I’m not testing this among browsers, so let me know if it’s a bad experience, and I’ll switch it back to the regular list.

  6. Well, okay. Song OTY just has a mini-player DEEP GIRL -I kill; Video OTY Just has NECRONOMIDOL – Skulls Mini player. So I guess I’m missing out on some nom list?

    Chrome version 55.0.2883.75 (64-bit)

  7. Yeah, I’m deficient. Just realized it takes you to the start of a playlist. I knew those songs already and didn’t even bother clicking the player.

    Well played, Maniac.

  8. How have bell ring got two performances on the poty categories and PassCode’s virtual tour finale show is not on there?! That performance was amazing and one of the best live dvd’s I own, half of these performances were probably watched on terrible fan cams at best but passcodes pro shot with one of their best performances to date sold well generated them some lovely hype and doesn’t make it? Surely some of you must agree with me?

    • I agree as well, one per group. There were so many good performances over the year and to have two from the same group…… not making sense to me.

  9. Yeah, I thought somewhere along the line only ONE nom per performer in a category was decided?

    Can’t have only four Performance OTY choices… I can get behind PassCode being on the List

    • Just a little bit of clarity on that, it was one for you guys specifically so we’d avoid having this happen … and then it went and happened anyway. Those two were dead ties right in the middle of the whole list. I didn’t know what to do, so there it was.

      • maybe a vote to see which one gets to stay for bell ring, and put the virtual tour finale from passcode into the categorie, there is no way it doesn’t deserve to be on there

      • The way I would look at it is thus: If there are two choices from the same group, just take the highest ranking from that group and move everyone else up one space.

        • See, that’s the problem in this case — they were tied. And to make matters worse, there were two separate cohorts of Bellring pushers on that category, so it’s not like I could tell somebody to pick one and move on. 🙂 I know how to break this tie, though — with science Twitter!

  10. As an incredibly strong advocate for any and everything BELLRING少女ハート related I do agree that PassCode’s “Virtual Tour Final” should be a nominee in that category. That was an amazing live performance worthy of nomination. Now I need to think of which of Bellheart’s choices is better: the shorter, more intimate, more intense live in a less controlled environment or the longer set with more song choices and added theatrics and visuals?

    Also, I don’t even know how I forgot about this the first couple of times around and I may be the only one to consider it which is fine with me, but I have to suggest a nomination for Pikarin’s set at GIRLS POP FESTIVAL in Awajishima where she performed outside in the pouring rain. The loyal crowd did not even mind it either as they still jumped around and moshed with each other. This live played a factor in me solidifying her as my top choice for Performer Of The Year.

  11. The nomination for Bellring at TIF is from me. I was there live in person, very close to the stage. Probably the best 15 minutes I ever spent at any show. From the moment they started with ‘Candy’ the crowd went completely nuts. And TIF rules my ass – nobody cared*: moshing, jumping, lifting, crowd-surfing. It was all there.
    The same went for the Passcode live that happened right before. But Bellring’s finale with ‘Asthma’ was just too damn beautiful: Someone grabbed me and then we were jumping in a big circle, arm in arm and glowsticks flying all around above our heads. And everyone was singing… I’m still getting goosebumbs just thinking about it.
    (*except for the security who was randomly dragging people out of the crowd lol)

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  14. Dots for debut group of the year, and my fav album of the year is the Chiyono Ide one but I doubt anyone else here cares for that one haha.

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