Get a Look at Party Rockets GT’s Trailer

I’ve been a bad Maniac: After encouraging others to participate in a bit of #DailyParty Rockets in the run-up to kawaiicore’s finest’s one-man next Sunday, I completely forgot to do it myself … despite both making the call and starting that whole hashtag in the first place and, right, also really like Party Ro–

Look, the point is, they’re good and fun in a completely different way than a lot of our favorites, doing work as completely inoffensive (and indeed quite charming!) kawaiidols who just so happen to perform hard rock music. As the kids say, bless.

You should actually go through their feed a bit; they have several different versions of this trailer, some with messages from the members.

Never forget

3 thoughts on “Get a Look at Party Rockets GT’s Trailer

  1. You post a video of the old line-up, with “traitor” Akari? lol
    I never understood, why rock music can not have lovely idols and decent acting fans… There One Man should become awesome. Hopefully it gets a video release later.

    • You got me! Honestly, “Kasabuta” is probably in my all-time idol top 10, maybe even top 5. Such rock.

      What is the story with Akari now, btw? I saw that GALETTe was breaking up. She’s got a voice for days.

  2. Same here with “Kasabuta”. Though “Have a nice Party” comes dangerously close in becoming my favourite song of theirs.

    Wish I knew. Here Twitter account is still on and Akari is active on it. She was my favourite member back then, but the incident back then hurt a lot. Still I hope she stays in business. Akari definitely has the voice and the looks.

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