Lyric Holic, Not Dead, Kills

Lyric Holic lives! Or, I guess LyricHolicNoir is how they prefer it to be rendered nowadays. All well and good! This is one of my OG idol metal units, long a favorite to follow if only for the fact that I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what the hell was going on at any given time, and also Tama was fun to interact with here and there. After the original trio all finished graduating, I completely lost track of that maybe the kink-lolita thing they were kind of going with, and that was that. I hadn’t thought of them in months!

And then yesterday, tootling as I was after some other thing that got buried in my YouTube notifications, I found MVs! New ones! Brand new ones! And with them news of a dang EP that they’re calling a single because that’s the world we live in! Did I give those puppies a spin and immediately feel like I was in some dank torture dungeon? You bet!

Sweet baby jesus, if that doesn’t just grind away at your will to embrace goodness and light! With all the subtlety of a kick to the groin, it’s just a dogpile of gnarly. I want to buy this song flowers.

I didn’t enjoy this one nearly as much, as it didn’t inspire fear or dread or anything:

The thing comes out on Wednesday. Here’s the cover:

I’ll say this, man — Going all the way back to their like ero-vampire thing in like 2015 or whenever, Lyric Holic +/- Noir has always endeavored to be loud as all hell and just dark and aggressive and completely sans shits to give (except in the cheki line, natch). In a world of derivatives, they really stand out that way. You can look at their Curse of Bloodborne” MV for an excellent extra example.

When you’re on this kind of release schedule, you gotta go for broke!