Anytime There’s New the mishmash, I’m Here for It

The mishmash! I was practically giddy when this showed up in the ol’ video queue. Despite not getting nearly as much love from other quarters as I wish they had, the mishmash (formerly just “mishmash”) were among my personal favorite debutantes from last year, with a kind of maturity and understated comfort zone that just doesn’t exist much in a field dominated by try-hard teenagers.

In not even three quarters of a year since their debut in the springtime, the mishmash has had a pretty good rise, and it’s culminating in their first album, due on the 13th. And with albums come what? Videos! Here you go:

I have a good feeling about this album, you guys. I suspect — nay, hope — that it’s going to have a little more vim and vigor to it than just this example. They’re not out here to rock our socks off, but the mishmash does have nice energy and this weird amount of utter wholesomeness that makes them seem less like idols and more like the nice, earnest kids from your high school whose band that you once booked for a birthday party wound up being way better than anybody ever expected, and then you run into them a couple of years later and say hi and they remember you and are really gracious and you’re like, wow, that’s really cool how they’re all down to earth despite having just played that big festival downtown and got featured on TV that one time. That’s the mishmash.

Anyway! The album’s out next week, and then they’re out on tour to support it, and they’re also releasing a documentary film about themselves like the next day? There’s a lot going on. Good for them.