Let’s Have a Round of High-fives for Payrin’s

If you’re familiar with excellent slow-building alt-rock-and-stuff idols Payrin’s, maybe what I’m about to share isn’t going to be news; on the other hand, if you’re like most people, I’m probably inadvertently reverse-scooping things, so: Payrin’s, who are cool and good but seem to somehow slip through the cracks here at Homicidols Dot Com a little too often, were going to get this nice featured piece a couple of weeks ago. The reason is tucked below the fold; the reason for that, which is to say both the tucking and the delay, is that your humble editor-in-chief wanted to pad things out a bit more and include something, possibly some clips.

Instead, we got an MV!

This is where I round back to the lede and re-point out that Payrin’s, who have never been anything other than solidly enjoyable at worst, are toiling away out there and clearly delivering on quality rock performances with a neat artistic bent. Yes, there’s been the predictable membership situation (it’s idol), but also no, they haven’t gotten their due at all, which actually turns out to be a point that I’ve made in the past, and for the same genuine reason: We need to see more of this group!

In well over a year and a half’s worth of existence, you see, I’ve somehow managed to do a Payrin’s post only five times. Five! That has to be some kind of ignoble record. It’s not like they aren’t actually very good — that song has not diminished in its awesomeness one bit, and while I don’t know if the MV quite matches up with it, it’s still a very cool MV that I think helps to launch Payrin’s into the art-idol discussion — it’s that they aren’t actually as on-the-nose noticeable as a whole mess of groups that are legitimately only some less-than-100 percentage of the same degree of cool, but who nonetheless brute-force their way into one’s consciousness.

Right now, what I hoped to raise up a little bit is Payrin’s … ‘s (?) first album:

And now you know about it! It’s out on Wednesday, and should be acquired by all sane music-loving people, and possibly also some of the less-sane because record sales are record sales.

In the meanwhile, Payrin’s, if you want to release more video stuff (and stop deleting the old), like for instance that tour final that you have coming up in a month, it would be really swell and would give your people like me a ready-made opportunity to keep talking about you. You clearly deserve it; take this, take the album and the MV and what I presume to be some stability, and go make a moment for yourselves.