Your Homicidols Weekender #84

Happy Saturday, friends! At this time two days ago, I was looking at this particular iteration of the Weekender and feeling like things were a little light. Was idol really that quiet over the week that not even our every-seventh-day collection of the weird, random, only-so-interesting and so on was going to have much population? I guess that was the case!

And then a bunch of stuff happened or popped back up, and here we are.

Your friendly neighborhood Maniac is in high spirits this morning, as I announced last week and had hoped to be able to double up on. It’s nice. Also nice: This is being set to run a little while ahead of time, because I spent last night and now a good while left today prepping food for a get-together, which just so happens to be one of my favorite things. Paradoxically, if interesting things happen today, I might actually get to blog them because, like a fishing trip, I did all of the dirty work early!

Just in case, go play the Fun (Kerrie’s latest personal entry is magnificent), enjoy the first true weekend of the summer / dregs of winter, and think happy thoughts.

So What’s Cooking?

Hold the presses! I don’t make too much space for this kind of thing usually, but can we all please have a moment of silence for Vinnie Paul?

Up Up Fes is happening:

Another commercial spot featuring the music of Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen:

Be nauseated by Himekyun Fruit Can!

Wow, so le biglemoi got a reboot:

STARMARIE, pleased with themselves:

Are you down with new Osaka Shunkashuto?

I have really mixed feelings about Tokyo Illuminati:

More on that ex-Especia train:

And why not toss in Erika too?

I appreciate how much more effort that Bell Agency is putting into COLOR’z after failing to put much at all into DISDOL:

You’ll Melt More!, I love you, but please with more rock songs thanks:

It looks like sugartrap had a successful one-man:

Somebody steal these venue-only Yajima Mai CDs for me:

Does Oomori Seiko ever go more than a month between releases?

Ten Tenko:

Wonder Lander has a new member:

This Bed-In song is bonkers:

The new-look BILLIE IDLE on teevee!

I was less moved by the second song from A.N.otheЯ:

Even more lyrical school:


Diamondollfy uploaded this entire dang performance:

Hot take: I still think this is EMPiRE’s best song:

It’s C-Style vs. BURST GIRL!

Who then went out and got themselves new duds!


Have a super weekend!