You Were This Close, Payrin’s

I get excited about dumb things sometimes. Take, for example, yesterday: There I was, writing a proposal for an extremely roundabout makeshift CRM kind of thing, completely ignoring Twitter and all other things idol, when one of those highlight notifications came along. I could stand a short break!, I thought, so review those highlights I did, and there was Payrin’s tweeting about something new on Soundcloud.

Why, I’d have to be completely insane to pass that up! And so it was that I felt my homicidol hearbleed gush just a little extra over the first few bars of this demo:

Alas, what I had so fleetingly hoped was going to be some kind of Queens of the Stone Age or (gasp!) At the Drive-In-esque song, arguably a total first for idol, ultimately turned out to be nothing more than a completely, cromulently rock song with the obligatory idol chorus. I’ll go ahead and keep liking you, Payrin’s, but don’t do that to me again unless you mean to go full-on Jim Ward in the process.