And Along Comes Payrin’s with Their First MV

Few things in being an idol fan are more gratifying than when a project goes from literal 0 to anything more than 0 great enough to put out an actual MV to support an actual in-store release. I was happy to get on the Payrin’s train … wow, like a year and change ago, and always wished that the occasional reference would be marking spots on the chart where they were getting somewhere good. And now they’re getting there!

That’s their first MV, right? For their first single, “dim”, which … is that a commentary on lighting, intelligence or something else? Regardless, nice tune, perfectly acceptable effort for a first MV.

Take a look at this cover art, too:

Why are idols so damn good at art to support their work?

Payrin’s, if you’re reading, I want you to sell 10,000 of those singles, and then put out even more stuff, because you are good and should get a lot more attention for it.