petit pas! Died So That Payrin’s Could Live

Happy Friday, team. So as it happens, the other day, I did this:

I missed petit pas! I did! And that’s even before seeing that business with Kokoro hanging out with Pikarin. There’s just always a place for super-up-tempo hard idol rock that never once flirts with being idorock, and the demise of petit pas! meant that the world lost one of the few projects that got it right.

So then imagine my excitement when I hit upon this little number:

What a fun song! It’s like a mash-up of petit pas! and Avandoned, and nothing at all like PassCode’s song by the same name!

And then I remembered:


This is Payrin’s. I have no idea what that name means, other than it’s probably French. Here’s more:

You sometimes need a little guitar rock, and nothing more.

This first song is their coup de grace, though:

“Alternative rock” my foot. That’s got the same skate punk action as Screaming Sixties with some added ska kick to boot. Very nice.

So we’ve had ourselves quite a few months of debuts, haven’t we? Next-gen alt rock, shoegaze, and now throwback guitars-and-sneers rock ‘n’ roll.

What a world.

2 thoughts on “petit pas! Died So That Payrin’s Could Live

  1. Payrin’s is not a french word, sadly. I would have been proud if such good music was being created under a word from my language !

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