KAQRIYOTERROR gets colorfully in-your-face with B.W.G.

Amidst the pandemic, some idols companies have thrived to make the best of it. Video-making-company-turned-music-label Codomomental has not only been doing regular streamed liveshows (mostly for their idol groups), they have also done some recording and announced music releases.

The time has finally come to release B.W.G. into the world. Initially, the recording was supposed to be released as gift to fans who reserved their tickets for the oneman show Bipropaganda. It’s now the A-side of their newest offering available to all.

A strong, fast-paced aggressive song, B.W.G. is quite different from the B-side, which is on the cutesy side like Reverse Cross or Irohani Collage, making it a great demonstration of the wide range of sound the group has.

The video itself switches between dance scenes featuring Kaqriyo’s new sparkly scene costumes, gravure shots illustrating the colors in the title and  lynchean feeling scenes featuring humanoid TVs frantically running around as they are stimulated by the surprise gravure.

You will have to check the video if you want to see more of the TV content.

By the members’ own admission in the recent interview they gave to Nathalie, B.W.G. is a lyrical change for KAQRIYOTERROR, as they usually contain very elaborate metaphors, whereas B.W.G. (which, you’ll gather from the lyrics, stands for Black White Grey) is very direct with the listener.

If you are curious, you can take a look at the lyrics as translated by the ever-wonderful KimonoBeat here.

The three most experienced members (Komari Yuu, Sumomo and Saint Namidaru) all embody one of the colour from the title whileNoa Rondo and DKI remind us that their oneman show was titled Bipropaganda for a reason, as they enjoy each other’s flesh in a non-cannibalistic way.

The new costumes (not depicted here properly, after all, you should really check that MV if you have not already!) are really suited for an impressive scene presence, each of them have long flowing parts that follow the girls movements, while also boasting shining patterns which will certainly be enthralling in person. Most of the costumes have semi-transparent parts, highlighting once again Kaqriyo’s place as the dark, more eros than agape group from Codomomental.

You can also see how they kept recurring elements for each of the girls: DKI has her long kimono sleeves, Noa Rondo’s shoulders are exposed, Namidamaru’s kimono collar and Sumomo’s turtleneck. Arguably, they kept the twintains and the large black sleeves for Komariyuu’s costume, but hers is the furthest apart from anything she’s worn on stage before.

Special thanks to J.J. Ashford who worked hard at translating Kaqriyo’s most recent interview with Nathalie, giving us insight into the group’s changes since the last of the Architects quit.
Also, edited due to ghost pngs and correction that BWG was the bonus for Bipropaganda and not for their tour final.