This Is Idol at Its Most Punk

Ah, Kimi to Boku no Kakumei … I’m trying to think if I’ve ever blogged a single post or spared more than a loose thought in their direction. I mean this not as shade, of course, just as a simple acknowledgement. Their first public forays didn’t exactly grab me, you know? I can dig on happy-ass tradol all day long when the mood strikes (and let the record show that I was listening to old Sakura Gakuin albums just this past week), but it’s far less interesting to me than rock ’em sock ’em full-on grindol brutality. I mean, that’s kind of the point of the whole website.

But anyway! Nice group, but not really exciting to me. I probably would have skipped right over their latest MV, but a quick Twitter cruise yesterday showed them popping up from IdolOnChaos, and the combination was fun to me so I went for it, and brother was I about to rewarded:

I’m trying to think of the last time there was truly, genuinely such notable balls-out rock clamor, with so much mirth, in an idol song. That one mistress thing from a few years ago? BiSH’s major debut? I don’t think it’s fare to bring up certain other monstrous chaos merchants in this context because they transcend genre, but come on, tell me if this doesn’t take you all the way back to the glory days, when idol suddenly had room for people with few restraints and a lot of inspiration.

I don’t even want to put any undue pressure on Kimiboku by suggesting that they’ve set a new standard for themselves. If you’re unfamiliar: This is nothing like this group has ever done before. That explains the otherwise inexplicable idol melody. But hell, just as I was starting to wonder if there were more than a handful of genuinely compelling groups going anymore, this plopped right into my life and I couldn’t be happier. Now keep it up, Idol Group That I’m Suddenly Way More Interested In.