I See That Wonder Lander Has Been Busy

I’m trying to remember my first Wonder Lander post. It very may well have been all the way back in Year 1, which is pretty wild considering the volume of disbandments among groups that were covered in that era (let’s call it the peak of Loudol 2.0, the Wonder Years), and all of the various membership ins and outs of Wonlan itself over that time. I sort of always felt that the group was destined for the same fate that ultimately befalls all idol projects … and yet, here we are, round about four years (I guess) since the first time I heard them, liked them, shared them, and a thing called Wonder Lander definitely still exists.

Different though! My very literal first thought was “oh wow, the group’s like a whole different thing now.” The most important thing of course being the music, which is, like, different! Not wholly so, mind you — Wonlan’s always been good for about 50:50 cool rock-like tunes and more conventionally idol material — but different maybe in the distribution of what they’re doing in relation to the core. You, obviously, can be the judge:

It’s one track, and I encourage everybody to go listen to the whole thing. It’s nice, right? And also, yes, it’s pretty clear that the group is trying out some different things nowadays. Good for them, and also good for us.

I learned the hard way that it’s being called “Third Season”, which is a pretty clear indication that we’re in a new take on the Wonder Lander concept, and also that they’re doing the some-singers-some-dancers thing:

Again, this is a different thing, but that this-rocks core remains:

Note: Not a track on the EP!

Also they have one of the neatest Instagram accounts, if that’s your thing:

So this is all new and cool and exciting. If you’ve ever been into Wonlan on at least the same I-am-happy-for-them level as me, you no doubt have additional feelings; if you haven’t tried them yet, this looks like a clear entry point to do so!

This post is over!