It’s Okay to Hold Your Ears: BiSKaidan’s “DiE” Is Harsh

This is an oldie but a serious goodie; when BiS still lived, they had a regular collaboration with harsh noise project Hijokaidan, who I just so happened to see perform in Baltimore not too long ago, best known for their version of Jun Togawa’s “Suki Suki Daisuki”:

This is why it’s worth cruising through Tumblr sometimes, though. I knew that this song had to exist somewhere on the Internet, and my fellow lovers of twisted idol greatness did not disappoint:階段-die-bis階段-ver-bis階段-2014

“DiE” is a really hard song for me in the first place, kind of setting the pace for the melancholy and self-aware seriousness of WHO KiLLED IDOL? and the tendency for SCRAMBLES writers to go heavy on the piano to really set the damn mood (in punk songs, no less). So of course the thing to do is to have the Kaidan half of the equation just blast over it with feedback and distortion while the idols dressed as disemboweled schoolgirls cover themselves in slime and break things!

3 thoughts on “It’s Okay to Hold Your Ears: BiSKaidan’s “DiE” Is Harsh

    • Oh, now I’ve listened to more BiS Kaidan songs (of BiS songs I know and love) I’m less than impressed… it’s basically the noise elements on top of the pre-existing song… it was a lot better when I thought the linked song was originally intended like that! (yes, I don’t know much about BiS at all…)

      • I think they were doing the collaboration with Jojo to fully establish their out-there cred. FWIW, Hijokaidan has other collabs under their belt ever since, which is neat in its way. I don’t know if they had done that prior to the collision with BiS.

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