Your Yukueshirezutsurezure Two-hour Warning Is On

Didn’t we just do this? Go listen. (Updated to the file, so it shouldn’t disappear.)

Just … wow, this song inhabits some really familiar punk+pop territory, and then it just yanks the rug out from under you, doesn’t it? Somebody get their songwriter/s more mescaline, please.


slave fall ゆくえしれずつれづれ

揺れてるままの血だまり 落賭したのは幾千の自我
殺してきたのはわたし 取り戻せるのか…泣いた…

さよならには 早過ぎる軌跡

右手に想乃愛 左手は冒涜を
合わせ穿つ 故に 一縷道
探す、は この足で 葬るとは、この精神
もがき叫ぶ 貴方に出会う為

I have to shout to make myself heard.

溶け出す見えないパズル 壊したくて唇を噛む
時計の針に狂えば 貴方の声が聴こえる

さよなら”砕け” 朽ち果てるなら
貴方ごとね 諦めて逝けば…

右手に賽倫 左手に真実を
合わせ歌う 故に 泡沫
狂せよつれづれに 逝き未来はゆくえしれず
泣きじゃくるは 僕を屠る合図

「もーいいよ…」笑って そう言って突き刺して
生ぬるい現在を 血で愛撫するね
こう切って触って 臆病はいらなくて
ほら聴いた? 声を 破裂しそう…

Bite x Cord , Fake x Prey , Hate x Roar , Six x Fall

右手に群青 左手に辞世の句
合わせ叫ぶ  故に 花道
狂せよつれづれに 逝き未来はゆくえしれず


slave fall つれづれに…

6 thoughts on “Your Yukueshirezutsurezure Two-hour Warning Is On

  1. Cool, when I click on the “Go listen” link I get a pop up that says to play or download the song. I thought it was a stream only song. Maybe it’s my browser, I’m using CM Browser app for android. Last time they did this song time limit thing I had to copy & paste the song url to to get it.

    • You have weird computer things! All I did was change the URL to the one for the .mp3 itself; you should be able to just tell it to play, and it’ll stream the file using whatever app works with your app. App-app-app.

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