This Is Promising: Say Hi to Woltanative

I noticed something recently: I used to really dig getting into debuts, but then got away from it because I have the attention span of a flea it’s more interesting to wait until music happens (this being a music website, after all, moreso than an idol one). And I’d be right on board with that approach here, too, but please indulge me just this one little bit because this is going to be a pretty awesome debut.

“A article about some random indie debut? What’s the big deal?”

That’s Woltanative (Twitter), and I’m giving them this space because they’re an off-shoot of MAPLEZ, to the point that they include the old MAPLEZ center, and that’s promising.

Then you read how they describe themselves as HOUSE EDM ROCK IDOL and your eyes start to widen a little bit, and you see that they released a single with that debut and it’s got some A-side title that I can’t get through, but the B-side is “ALMIGHT GLIDER” and you’re like, why isn’t there video of this yet and have patience child, give them a chance.

The name’s interesting, too; not only are they clearly (and then on-the-nosedly) embracing the “alternative” title, but it’s some kind of play on “alternative” and “infinity,” which is a very big promise to make but is way cooler than the “wotanative” way I read it at first, and that’d be really weird.

Anyway, keep your eyes peeled for video or whatever have you from this new thing, because it’s probably going to be pretty cool.