AH May Be ‘Bitter,’ But I Think It’s Nice

This was a nice addition yesterday, but I thought it sounded more like Sunday* and decided to roll with it — you guys remember AH, right? Here’s their newest MV:

It’s kind of like what a slightly alternative (ha) version of Oyasumi Hologram might put together if they collaborated with Coldplay, which would not only be a very weird combination, but I have a feeling that it’d work overall. Kind of like this song! Continue reading

It’s Indie Idol Wednesday, So Say Hi to AH

I promised Viz Major that I’d get around to this interesting little duo one of these days, and Indie Idol Wednesday seems as good a time as any. Why? Because they’re indie as hell!

This is actually a little preview/promo/profile thing that the Viz put together a few months ago. I also recommend following them on Twitter, though look at their website with some wariness because Chrome seems to think it’s a malicious website (could just be a big misunderstanding, though!).

Nice. Continue reading