It’s a BiS Friday Morning and Getting Better

BiS, in the lead-up to their Re:STUPiD album, have been teasing out tracks on Soundcloud and for free OTOTOY download every week, with … mixed results? Skepticism abounds! So after a weird little teaser this morning, BiS followed up with the latest, and presumably last two, teaser release ahead of what’s probably an MV next week and then the album itself the week after.

Two songs! Mixed bag! How does it shake out?


Okay, I like this one. “Mysterious Hall”? I had very brief flashbacks to Pantera’s “Cowboys from Hell” for a very hot second, and then I realized that I was listening to a little bit of a BiS repeater, and that’s okay.


“NAKODUB,” I was definitely one of the people who was holding out hope for the “dub” part of that implying something electronic and brazen and crunchy at the very least. And it’s one of those almost-country idol songs!

Can’t win ’em all, I guess.

7 thoughts on “It’s a BiS Friday Morning and Getting Better

  1. HA HA! I’m not sure how many songs were released by the BIS family of units, but I have to say I’m just starting to really enjoy BIS. Better late than never, I suppose. BTW NAKODUB is as “Country” as 3 Doors Down was, which is to say not at all.

  2. Yawn. Throw it on the pile of unmemorable album fillers.

    Seriously, are they even trying anymore? Is this some elaborate hoax?

    • Ah, this came off unnecessarily harsh… My excuse is i had just woken up with a headache and a bad temper. 😛

      • It’s okay! You’re cool on BiS anyway, and these aren’t exactly ground-breaking tracks. There’s a piece that I’m considering for the week after next, when they drop the album, that kind of gets into that.

  3. I’m beginning to suspect that the amount of ballad-esque tracks on this album is an attempt to replicate the success of “Orchestra” by BiSH, but lightning probably isn’t going to strike twice.

    None of them is particularly bad on their own – SCRAMBLES have come a long way since Pour Lui’s “One day” – but the balance isn’t great. Having filled up their droopy balad quota, though, whatever they release after this will hopefully be a bit more engaging.

    Anyway, looking forward to live performances of “Mystery ASSHoLE”.

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