Friday Fun: “Idol, the Movie”

She’s off the rails. Go buy yourself something nice from Kerrie.

Hi everyone! How has you’re your week been so far? Last week’s Funday was the finale of the WACK trilogy (sort of — you never know when Watanabe’s gonna pull some shit and I inevitably bring back the opportunity to make fun of him just like he brought back BiS; also, this week’s hashtag is ever so slightly inspired by some recent releases on their end, but more on this later), where we guessed the possible outcomes of the upcoming WACK three-way audition. This one was a lot of fun! Let’s check out the best and worst theories we came up with:

On to this week’s party.

This past week or so has been pretty good in the way of idol documentaries, don’t you think? The BiS and SiS movies premiered last week (which btw, anyone who watched the latter, tell me what happened plz I have so many questions about the SiScourse that need to be answered), and the FRUITPOCHETTE documentary was just announced. So I figured, let’s make our own idol movie! Or at least make up ridiculous plot summaries because while I don’t think any of us can afford to pay to fly to Japan with a film crew and make your favourite acts do stuff in front for you, we can afford to write terrible fanfiction and post it on the internet!

[Maniac: Bless her]

This doesn’t just have to be a documentary, by the way; fictional movies have become a staple of idol fandom. Just from the alt-idol side alone, we’ve had films from Bellring Girls Heart, BiS, Himekyun Fruit Can, You’ll Melt More!, and there’s probably some I forgot. I’ve lost count of how many Hello! Project and 48g-starring movies there are right now. Here’s a clip from an old-school Morning Musume movie, just because I can:

I indulge my Weeaboo Witch too much

So what I want from you this week, is to tweet your ideas for idol movies, under the hashtag #IdolMovies. I bet you can get real creative with this one!

I did something along these lines a while back for #IdolNightmare, so to get your brain cells flowing, here you go. You don’t need to do a full Photoshop job, though, unless you want to.

Have fun everyone!