You Review Things: Two Yumemiru Adolescence Singles!

Our pal dofphoto wrote a pretty nice review for Party Rockets GT’s Time of your life, and said: Maniac, nobody gets into lesser-appreciated idols like I do, I can definitely do more review things; to which I replied, knock yourself out. So here’s dofphoto with another review!

Yumeado is in my top five groups, but I won’t let that effect my feelings here.

Let’s start by talking about the single-as-a-single trend Sony has been pushing on Yumeado. This would be the third single in a row that was released with one track — what is the purpose here? Historically, different “type” singles are released with a single girl per cover so fans can purchase their favorite idol, but these are grouped shots. EP/singles runs Y1000, these were released at Y450, so there isn’t a cash grab going on here. To add, these singles are limited to 20,000 copies and, for the first time that I am aware, failed to chart at Oricon.

Yumeado is definitely going through some back end issues with the departure of Rei and sudden disappearance of Akari. My guess is Sony is trying anything possible to keep fan interest by being random/shocking (most of us are here for Yuumi anyways). I guess we will see how this plays out.

‘Koi no Effect MAGIC’

Cover of Japanese idol group Yumemiru Adolescence's Koi no effect MAGIC single
I did some research on Mr. Green Apple to see who was responsible for this little ditty (curiosity), but I feel, in idol, who writes a song isn’t as important as how it’s presented by the group. This track feels like classic Yumeado in the vein of “Candy Chan.” Very upbeat and cutesy, it helps frame the youth of Yumeados’ vocals, Karin and Yuumi in particular. The mix is solid, with no overbearing keyboards, and percussion is kept at a playful pace as well.

Yumeado for me is all about that hook and chorus, and “Effect MAGIC” delivers at every turn. I have no issues with this track in the slightest — my one gripe is that they released a MV for it so soon that now I have a theme in my head when I hear the track and that theme does nothing for the song.

‘Idol Race’

Cover of Japanese idol group Yumemiru Adolescence's Idol Race single
You could pretty much copy/paste my thoughts for “Koi no Magic Effect” here (replace cute with aggressive). I won’t waste time on the Babymetal connection here because it’s irrelevant; this song was written for Yumeado and not purchased from a drawer of leftover scores. Yumeado is no stranger to heavier tracks — they toyed with this sound on “Stealth Bukai” and, to a lesser degree, “Shomei Teenager.”

We’ve seen this before

Once again, Yumeado hits all the right notes with the hooks and chorus (love the chorus). “Idol Race” is a perfect track for Yumeado and fits nicely into their body of work.

I have been burden with the thoughts of the last few uninteresting singles (“Love for you” and “Fantastic Parade” were okay, I guess) so I am very happy with the latest tracks. Whatever is going on in the Yumeado camp, I hope it doesn’t end in disaster like a lot of groups we are seeing lately, and although I can’t imagine anyone else as a part of this group, I do hope they recruit experienced idols to replace Rei and Akari (if it comes to that).

Scores (both): One full Heartbleed, the logo of, used for reviews One full Heartbleed, the logo of, used for reviews One full Heartbleed, the logo of, used for reviews One full Heartbleed, the logo of, used for reviews

2 thoughts on “You Review Things: Two Yumemiru Adolescence Singles!

  1. Cool review. I love YumeAdo, they’re amazing. They are one of my top favorites outside of the alt-idol spectrum. Everybody likes Yuumi but I initially got drawn in by Rei-chan, mainly because when I saw her she instantly reminded me of one of my (good) ex-girlfriends xD…and I like her voice too. Regarding Akarin, the current speculation is that she will return after their current tour is over because according to many sources it was her who suspended herself from activities due to the info about her dating and the photos found on her private Twitter being leaked. She has since posted a written apology for it.

    I agree that both these singles could have been pressed on to one CD but the pricing wasn’t bad so I picked both up anyway. I’m not mad either since both are great songs. I think having NARAMETAL produce on “Idol Race” was an awesome collab. The percussion he uses is right there in the vein with BABYMETAL’s “Catch me if you can” as they both have that Drum N’ Bass influence. I think the chorus on this is great too and including the girls shouting the Wota Mix on it was a cool, fun addition. Out of their heavier song collection I still think “Shoumei Teenager” is the best one as the production by the agehasprings team is just incredible on it.

    I still find myself listening to and enjoying more the single they released before these, “Otona Yaraseteyo”. I love the smooth sonics and their vocals on that song. I always enjoy the quality of YumeAdo’s music so I can’t wait to see what they have coming next .

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