I Want Everybody to Pay Close Attention to This le biglemoi Song

And here I was just recently extolling the virtues of le biglemoi and getting roughly the same response as ever, which is to say disproportionately not large, in fact roughly on par with Candy GO!GO!, and I find that disturbing because le biglemoi is as good a near-finished product as anything else to step anew onto the idol stage this year. Therefore, to trick people into clicking without relying on anything salacious or scandalous, I tried to create a sense of urgency around the post.

While you’re here? Hit play.

Now, confession: I titled this the way I did because it’s December 2017 and two whole weeks from being 2018 and le biglemoi, who didn’t get any attention as a 2017 debutante despite legitimately being one of the best new projects of the year, need for this song and this video to be appreciated, and then also remembered, because this is good stuff and fairly fresh stuff (nearest approximation: Zekkyou, I think) and I’m looking directly at certain higher-profile idol projects that continue to do the same thing all of the time as I say that.

Anyway! This is really good. I didn’t get as carried away by the song as I’d have liked, and I at first thought it was just a pretty MV until the story started to come together, but in the -core-ier reaches of idol, it’s a nice early salvo in the sure-to-be-protracted-because-that’s-how-years-work war to be counted among the Best of 2018.

That’s it, actually. Thanks for falling into my trap! I hope you enjoyed the le biglemoi during your stay!

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