PLIC PROCK’s long-awaited farewell one-man for Asumi happened the other day, but it took the media some minutes to work their way out of the Internet woodwork. I didn’t know that the Idols Formerly Known as Parallel Japan could draw so well, but this is a nice crowd:

Here’s Asumi’s final message:

Before/during/after(?) the show, they played through a series of videos that I want to include in part for the incredible idol history lesson that they impart:

Again, you really can say almost anything about Pour Lui and be right

What a story they’ve had, of course now with a bittersweet ending for Asumi:

Yes, a second one-man is coming, and the two-man regime will go on for a time. I’m left thinking about PLIC PROCK as they were when they were finally emerging (as Parallel) a couple of years ago — it wasn’t likely that they’d ever make it to Budokan, but you couldn’t ignore the high level of respect that other idols clearly had for them, and that feeling permeated a lot of us outside of the scene, too. Nobody sounded like them, and nobody moved like them, and nobody had as hard a row to hoe to get anywhere; if anything, their brief sojourn under A-minor’s management held them back

So let’s see where the next year takes them. Asumi was my favorite for reasons that I couldn’t ever really pinpoint, so I’m sad to see her go, but PLIC PROCK’s story is far from over.